Since becoming independent, Slovenia has transformed from a fairly unknown country, to a very desired and recognized tourist destination. During this time, Slovenia did quite a lot on holiday facilities, which have been updated and increased significantly. Therefore, you can choose from the complete set of traditional holiday accommodations, offered by this developed tourist country.

Among the hotels, those smaller and more boutique, which are usually located in beautifully renovated historic buildings, are increasingly popular. Still, popularity is dominated by smaller family accommodations (pensions, tourist farms, guest houses), where you will feel that genuine Slovenian hospitality, mostly supported by tasty home-made food. Between these, the number of tourist farms, where you will get to know the true authentic Slovenia, is particularly high.


5 star hotel in Portorož


Hotel in Goriška Brda


Typical Karst homestead

For those more adventurous, there are enough camps available, which are mostly in excellent green locations, so the contact with nature is truly authentic. In case you are not exactly a tent person, mobile homes are also available in most places. The number of increasingly popular glamping accommodations is also expanding, and those are also situated in excellent locations. For those on a budget, there is a completely satisfactory number of hostels and private rooms.I


Camping along the river Kolpa


Glamping at lake Bled


Apartments in Podčetrtek

If you love mountain climbing, then you can spend the night and, of course, find yourself well fed in one of the 178 mountain cabins, that are available in beautiful Slovenian mountains.

It is also necessary to mention thermal spas and health resorts, which are widely and very popular in Slovenia. Usually, they are hotel accommodations, with the possibility of medical care, located near healing thermal springs. Those are mostly set in a very climate favorable environment, suitable for the relief and treatment of various health problems, or simply to prevent them.


Mountain hut in the Vrata valley


Health resort in Rogaška Slatina


Terme Olimia Spa 

Accommodation prices are lower in comparison with other developed European countries, but of course they differ slightly depending on the location. The highest prices are usually in tourist centers: Ljubljana, Maribor, Bled, Bohinj and on the coast. The main season (and thus prices at its peak) is somewhere between mid-June and the end of August, except in Ljubljana, where prices are highest throughout the year. Ski resorts have another main (winter) season from December to February. Health resorts usually have consistent prices throughout the year - if, of course, we do not take into account occasional discounts, which are entirely dependent on a particular resort.