Slovenia has very diverse food, which is the result of the influence of its neighboring countries: Austria, Hungary and Italy, and of course the other Balkan countries with which it has been in the united country (Yugoslavia) for many years. As a result, you can choose from a really wide range of different types of food, which you quickly notice while having a short walk in the center of any major city in the country. Variety can be seen on the menu of an average Slovene inn, where you can usually choose from a wide range of cold and warm appetizers, salads, soups, meat stews, pasta, steaks from different types of meat, risotto, sides and desserts and pizzas in all possible ways.

Slovenian homemade food is based on a traditional diet, but it has been divided into rural areas in the past (simple foods from local crops, especially vegetables such as potatoes, cabbage, beet and pumpkin, meat was on the menu only on holidays) and urban areas which was based on the Viennese cuisine (often meats, various sausages, goulash and similar strong dishes were on the menu).


"Koline" (meat & sausages from the pig slaughter) with roasted potatoes, sour cabbage and turnip

Today, the traditional Slovenian lunch consists of soup, main dish, sides, salads and sauces, and of course desserts. The menu depends on the province or region. In Prekmurje for example, you will get a completely different traditional lunch, than in Kras (Karst) or Gorenjska (Upper Carniola) region.


Soups can be anything from beef to mushroom, potato, bean, sour, or richer soups, such as Jota. The main dish is usually a meat dish, which can be made from pork, beef, veal, poultry, game, or special types of sausage, such as Slovene pork sausage (pečenica) and blood sausage (krvavica) - again depending on the region and the season. Fish, especially trout, are also popular. Potatoes, and other local vegetables are also popular side dishes, as well as polenta, buckwheat / corn mush (žganci) and stuffed dumplings from Idrija (žlikrofi) - the last three dishes were once main courses, now they serve as a side to meat dishes.


Pumpkin soup


Soča river trout with sheep cheese


Buckwheat and corn mush

Desserts are mostly made from certain home-made fruits, nuts, poppies, raisins ... In addition to desserts, there are various cakes and filled rolled dumplings (štruklji) on the menu, which can be considered as a side, main dish or dessert. Among the cakes the most famous are wallnut roll (potica) and Prekmurje layer cake (gibanica) which regionally belongs to the northeastern part of Slovenia.It is also worth mentioning bread, which is very widespread and very tasty in Slovenia. Bread appears in various forms and can be made from different types of cereals, and the fresh is so good, that you will eat it on its own with pleasure.


Gibanica - Prekmurje layer cake


Štruklji - filled rolled dumplings


Carinthian rye bread and Potica (wallnut roll) 

As for other types of food, Slovenia is a very open country where you will find a wide variety of food, from fast American or Balkan food, to excellent pizzerias,  Mexican, Argentinian, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese and other. Certainly something for every taste.​


Firstly, it is necessary to mention Slovenian water, which is among the best in Europe and also around the world. Plain water is available from every tap and is drinkable almost everywhere. In addition, Slovenia also has many sources of high-quality mineral water available to buy in bottles. 


Excellent water has contributed to the development of a large number of micro breweries, which usually produce quality and tasty beers. In addition to the traditional two main beer brands (Union and Laško), you can also choose from a wide range of home-brewed beers in each well-stocked store, and all are also available in most pubs, inns, restaurants,...


Wines write a special success story in Slovenia, both white and red are very good - some are even at the top with prestigious international awards, including some sparkling wines. The most appreciated wine region in Slovenia is certainly Goriška Brda, also known as Slovenian Tuscany. In Slovenia, you also get excellent spirits (žganje) of different flavors, which can be made from fruits, herbs, fruits of certain conifers, and honey may still be found in some of them.



Some Slovenian beers.jpg